Boaz: Kinsman Redeemer: A Time To Break Silence!

Boaz: Kinsman Redeemer: A Time To Break Silence!

by Patricia Coleman-Burns

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Boaz: Kinsmen Redeemer—A Time To Break Silence! explores the role of men in our society, especially Christian men in providing for and protecting our women and children. The authors examine old ideas and beliefs about these roles. Is a Vashti type woman who challenges existing and current paradigms of agency and self-identity an “uppity-women” or a women of God who refused to participate in her own dehumanization, objectification or subjugation?

Now is the time to break silence and to end violence and the abuse of women, and speak out against agendas that oppress women and girls, objectify females and deny their agency. We are to love our neighbor as ourselves. And who is our neighbor? Certainly the woman we see in distress in the streets, the women and girls caught up in civil wars and local uprisings, the runaways who finds themselves sold into sex slavery and trafficking, the female soldier assaulted by her commanding officer or fellow soldier; as well as our daughters and sisters who are daily disrespected. Our women and girls (as well as our boys) should be loved, not abused or oppressed.
Content Summary
Introduction: “A Time To Break Silence” –Struggle To End Violence Against Women and Sexual Assault
Foreword: Bishop John R. Bryant & Rev. Dr. Cecelia Williams-Bryant
The Prefaces tell the personal stories of the authors’ struggle against male chauvinism, misogyny, and philosophies of paternalism and patriarchy; and, their own activism towards the liberation and protection of our women and girls.
Chapter 1: “Setting the Captives Free: Saving—Our Daughters. Our Sons. Ourselves” establishes the theoretical and theological framework for Boaz: Kinsman Redeemer—A TIME TO BREAK SILENCE! for identifying the problem(s) facing the communities of the descendants of enslaved and free Africans in the United States. The first chapter asks: What is the role of men in the struggle to eradicate violence against women? And what does it take for men to be allies and interveners rather than predators? It sets forth the definition and characteristics of the Boaz Model.
Chapter 2: “Queen Vashti—Angry Women Who Don’t Know Their Place” asks: What is the role and place of women in our society as well as in the Church? The chapter focuses on agency of women that is the capacity of the agent to act. Not to be confused with individualism or selfish indulgence.
Chapter 3: “I have Told The Men Not To Touch You—Destroying Strongholds of Chauvinism and Misogyny” focuses on statutory rape and subjugation of our girls, young women and women. The authors look at trafficking and sexual assault in wars, civil uprising and in the privacy of our homes and intimate relationships, as methods of control. They challenge societal and social ideologies and beliefs in male domination that are egregiously located in misogynistic perspectives.
Chapter 4: “Save Our Sons—Angry, Aggressive, and Depressed; Conspiring Against Black Boys Globally and Locally” focuses on men of color and especially Black boys, including the rape and militarization / gangsterization of Black boys globally and locally. Boaz examines the external enemy as well as the enemy within. Save Our Sons asks the question: “what does it take for men to take their Christian role and responsibility as leaders in their households, communities and churches and not be steeped in male chauvinism but be respectful of the unique roles of men (and women) in our society.
Chapter 5: “I Am Not A Prisoner of My Past: From Rahab to Ruth; Prostitute to Pole Dancer; and, From Amnon & Jonahab to Boaz and Christ—Redeemed, Forgiven, and Delivered” is about redemption, forgiveness and salvation. The challenge is for men to take on a new character going beyond their pasts; reaffirming Boaz: The Kinsman Redeemer and Jesus.
Conclusion: Interventions of Action—From Silent to Redeemed.

Bring a spiritual eye and presence to the reading of this book to change lives, and set the captives free!




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